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This is a special purpose fund established by the Board, to pay for projects that involve advancing the image and utilization of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM). The main goal is to be able to finance enhanced and added efforts at educating Florida citizens, law makers, employers and insurance companies in the value and benefits of AOM.

The Forward Fund is a special bank account, set up and reserved for special projects. The special projects, as created by the Board of Directors, would include such things as lobbying, coalition building, meetings, advertising, special functions, creation and mailing of special literature or documents, etc. A passing majority Board vote will be required to authorize payment from this fund and for these projects. As well, special events will be created with the stated goal of raising money for this fund.

You may donate by

  1. Calling the FSOMA office: 800-578-4865
  2. Sending a check made payable to:
    FSOMA and “For” Forward Fund to PO Box 10066 Bradenton, FL 34282
  3. The easiest is to Donate online here
NOTE: Upon checkout, you will have the option of making the donation recurring. Although you will see in the PayPal check out window “Confirm for recurring Donation…” the payment will only recur if you check the “Monthly Donation” check box.

You may also indicate which project you would like this donation applied to during checkout if desired.

It is not necessary to be a member of FSOMA to donate to The Forward Fund.